Far-Off Sightings of Fascinating People in the Big City
De Wahl
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Technical Information

Length of Performance : ca.  60 minutes (no interval)
Set Up Time: ca. 5 hours
Strike Time ca. 2 hours
Performance space: ca. 5x5 meters (can be reduced if necessary)
  • minimum 4 headlights for performance space (Fresnel lens with barndoors prevered)
  • 2 headlights from the sides, with orange gels (105/021 or similar)
  • Audience light
  • Power plug at the back of the stage behind the middle of the screen.
  • Light mixing desk where it is possible to assign (minimum 2) pictures to subfaders
  • a small sound system (for soft sound in audience space)
  • CD player (backup for laptop)
  • little sounddesk with 2 stereoinputs. Di-Box for laptop.
  • Video projector (if possible from 2000 ANSI Lumen - and if possible with coloradjustment for turning the white videomaterial into a light yellow)
Technician's desk: Behind the audience with sight on the stage. Beside the desks should be enough space for a laptop and a textbook (A4).
Set: We bring along our own screen (3,5m wide, 3, high), which has to be hung centrally towards the back of the stage, so that the bottom edge is about 1 metre above the ground (with a white backdrop we can also project directly onto the wall). The screen has a wooden beam at the top, from which it can be hung. Apart from this, the set requires no major construction. There is a box on stage and 9 life-size puppets. We maybe need some chairs to fasten the puppets.