Far-Off Sightings of Fascinating People in the Big City
De Wahl
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Yvette CoetzeeYvette Coetzee

Yvette Coetzee, born 1976 in Pretoria, South Africa - Acting studies (bilingual: English/ Afrikaans) at the University of Cape Town (UCT), completed with cum Laude 1996-’99 - Ruth Peffers Prize for most promising student in UCT Performing Arts Dept. 1999 - Puppeteer in „The Chimp Project“ with Handspring Puppet Company, performances at international theatre festivals in France, Switzerland, South Africa and Germany 2000 - Writes and performs the solo pieces “Net Buite die Agterdeur” Pretoria 1998, "The Cyclops" Cape Town 1999, "Far-off Sightings of Fascinating People in the Big City", 14. Internationales Figurentheater Festival‚ Nürnberg/ Erlangen; FFT Düsseldorf, HAU2 Foyer Berlin, FIDENA Bochum 2003-06, “Bagger ohne Baustelle” Theaterdiscounter Berlin 2006 and “Windpomp” Ballhaus Ost, Berlin 2006-’07 – roles in various stage productions including "tell me lies"  director: Elke Schmidt, Zeitraum Ex!t Mannheim 2006;  "Hier schlägt ein Herz", director: Joanna Kupnicka, HAU1 Foyer, Berlin 2006;  „Lecker-Kündigungsschutz“ written and directed by Sarah Ross, Theaterdiscounter 2006;  „Westflug“ director: Tobias Rausch Flughafen Tempelhof, Berlin 2006 and in films, amongst others a lead in 'Fünf Zimmer' written and directed by Mechthild Barth, Premier Hofer Filmtage 2005 - Directorial debut with “1. Berliner Jammerwettbewerb" Theaterdiscounter, Berlin 2005.

Fotograaf Mario del Curto Hendrik Mannes

Hendrik Mannes, born 1958 in Wuppertal, Germany. 1978-79 Theatrical Science, Polish and Philosophy studies at LMU Munich; 1979-82 Acting studies at Schauspielstudio München and Workshops with Stanislas Scierski, Grotowski Teatr Laboratorium Wroclaw; 1982 Founds ‘Golem Theater München’; 1983/84 Assistant and assistant director for B.K. Tragelehn at  the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus and at the Bayerischen Staatsschauspiel München; 1984/85 Italian und Philosophy studies at the FU Berlin, 1985/86 Assistant for Dramaturgy at the Staatlichen Schauspielbühnen Berlin/Schillertheater, 1987 Founds ‘Rudimentär Theater’, since then freelance director. Performances and invitations to festivals in Europe, North- and South America, Asia and Australia. 2003-06 Assistant director/co-director for Peter Brook, in Basel und Paris.

Directs theatre pieces, performances, object/puppet theatre,  shows with circus acts and projects that combine various genres. Apart from that, theatre workshops and projects with the homeless, with children and with disabled youths, lectorships (WDR, acting for the camera), visiting lecturer at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Stuttgart, Hochschule der Künste Berlin and at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater ‚Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy’ Leipzig.

Productions (selection): Sarréra, Arsenikblüten, Rudimentär Theater, Berlin 1993; Gink, Beglatzt brünett, Rudimentär Theater Berlin / Kunsthaus Tacheles / Europäisches Kulturzentrum Erfurt 1994/95; Sorokin, Ein Monat in Dachau, Rudimentär Theater Berlin, Europäisches Kulturzentrum Erfurt 1995/96/97; Mannes/Soehnle, Flamingo Bar, figuren theater tübingen 1996; Shakespeare/Wieland, Das Leben und der Tod des Königs Lear, theatre with the homeless Ratten 07 and Volksbühne Berlin 1999; Dinnershow ’Vivace’ Eckhart Witzigmann Palazzo Düsseldorf 2005/06; Baudelaire, Spleen, Westflügel Leipzig 2006.

Niklas Zimmer Niklas Zimmer

Niklas Zimmer, born 1975 in Bangkok, grew up in Lesotho and Germany. Art studies at the University of Cape Town, Diploma in Sculpture (1996-99). Founds the sound studios and labels 'Upland07', also works as sculptor (2000). Educational Sciences studies at the University of Cologne (2001-2004). Works at the German international School in Cape Town as arts teacher. Develops projects as „Sir Name“ in the space where sound-people-space-object-education overlaps.

CDs released: "The Magic Spaces"(solo, 1998), "Not For Sale" (with Brydon Bolton, 1999), "Conference" (UP01) (with eleven South African musicians, artists and actors, 2000), "Infinite Coastline" (UP02) (with James Webb, 2000). // Music for theatre: 'Die Wahl der Fantastischen Möglichkeit' (UP03) (with Adam Lieber, for Yvette Coetzee, Berlin, 2002), 'Nother' (with Brydon Bolton for 'Femmes-blanche et noire', Landestheater Schwaben, 2003), 'Windpomp' (with Brydon Bolton, for Yvette Coetzee, Berlin, 2006) // Sound Art: „The Great Controller“, Video  installation with Colin Payne, Cape Town, Bonn, 2002), 'here, now' (UP04) (Sound instillation Helen Meyer Harrison and Newton Harrison, Bonn, 2004) // Music for Film: 'Egofixe' (solo, for Fedor Sendak, Amsterdam, 2001), 'Fünf Zimmer' (solo, for Mechthild Barth, Berlin, 2004). http://www.upland07.com

Oliver SzewcOliver Szewc

Oliver Szewc, geb. 1974 Berlin. Nach Schule und Zivildienst ein Physikstudium angefangen. Neben den regulären Jobs als Pflegehelfer und professioneller Mausschubser immer mal wieder die Beleuchtung für Off-Produktionen gemacht. Von Oktober 2001 - September 2002 als Veranstaltungstechniker im Theater Morgenstern. Hiernach 2 Jahre Umschulung zum Elektroinstallateur. Im April und Mai 2005 als Techniker für das Bundespresseamt und ab dem 1. September selbständiger Veranstaltungstechniker. www.just-enter.com

Oliver Szewc Tyson Cross

Tyson Cross, born 1978 Johannesburg, South Africa, is a computer animator living in London. Visual effects work on recent films include Children of Men, Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix , and Kenneth Brannagh's Magic Flute.